Quirk Solutions Ltd.
 Quirk Solutions Ltd specialises in making organisations more agile and higher performing, through closing the gap between strategic objectives and delivery of results.   All too often, companies have a reasonably well defined end-state, but a poor understanding of how to get there.   They employ separate consultants to assess bespoke areas.

  Quirk Solutions is different.   We work with the client's personnel and help them learn how to assess strategy, review portfolios, conduct proper planning and ensure implementation is completed.   This collaborative 'internal change not external assessment' approach makes organisations more agile, flexible, dynamic and efficient.   It also gives your staff new skills in analysis, planning, cross-functional integration and makes them feel valued.   We achieve this through a wealth of performance management, planning, leadership and motivational experience to facilitate change across the organisation holistically.   This translates into improved performance, higher productivity, fewer absences and better margins.

  Most importantly, it makes the client independent of future consultancy and able to self-adapt, develop and improve.   It sets them free bit-part consultancy which is not cost effective and only treats separate symptoms, not the cause.

  Clients have included Shell, BUPA, Heineken and Standard Life Investments as well as a range of small scale SME organisations across a wide range of business sectors.
  Recent work includes:
  • Working with Shell to test its decommissioning plan for the Brent Oilfield in the North Sea.
  • Facilitating expansion of a UK-based Telecomms company to 15m turnover.
  • Working with the Baku European Games Organising Committee to help deliver the first ever European Games, to be held in Azerbaijan in 2015.

BUPA"Chris Paton is an extraordinary polymath. His exceptional intellect and leadership skill set is faultless and is combined, in his new career, with an empathy to deliver which at once inspires as much as it educates. Chris has worked with my corporate teams to encourage them to outperform through his frank and engrossing foundation of battlefield command and leadership in theatres far harder than our own. In closing, Chris is a considerable asset to any senior leadership team looking to take their own performance to the next level."
- Alistair Dornan, Head of Business Development at BUPA Health & Wellbeing.

For more information, email contact@quirksolutions.org or visit Chris at LinkedIn